Locked Car – Who to Call When You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

Locked Car – Who to Call When You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

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If you have a car with automatic locking then this has many different advantages, allowing you to lock or unlock the whole car without having to reach around the inside of the vehicle to do so.

This is particularly useful for cars and vehicles as it means you can operate the locks while you’re driving which you might want to do if you’re driving through a rough area at night for example.

At the same time automatic locking in cars gives you other features, for example allowing you to put a child lock on some of the doors so that they can’t be opened at the back which is very useful for parents with children who like to fiddle with buttons and handles. Similarly this means that you are less likely to forget and leave one of the doors open when you leave your car which creates a serious security threat.

Furthermore, automatic locking on cars means that you can operate them remotely with a remote lock on your key. This has countless benefits and means that you can open a car door easily as you approach it while carrying bags of shopping etc.

This can even be used as a method to locate your vehicle, if for example you are looking for your car in a car park then by pressing your remote you can follow the sound of the unlocking to remind you where the car is.

Of course though there are also downsides to owning a car with automatic locking. One is that it makes it slightly easier to lock your key in the car, as you only need to forget and lock one door and shut it in order to lock all the doors and yourself out. This means you’ll be calling out locksmiths more regularly, but for most people it won’t take long to learn to adapt to the automatic locking.

Another slight problem is that remote locking keys are slightly more easily damaged and are also bulkier for your key chain. This means that they are easy to damage by throwing down and you have to remember to treat them more carefully. Again this simply takes adapting to, but you should make sure that you have the number of good locksmiths in your phone before you make the transition. If you find that your remote stops working then you should also check the batteries which will require changing from time to time like any electrical advice. Your locksmiths should be able to perform this change for you easily and also check for other potential problems caused perhaps by your dropping or throwing the keys.

Locked Car - Who to Call When You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

We’ve all been there—standing outside our car, peering through the window with a sense of dread as we realize our keys are locked inside. It’s a frustrating and stressful experience that can throw off our entire day. But fear not! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to take when faced with the predicament of automatic car locking. From discovering who to call to preventions for future lockouts, we’ve got you covered.

Automatic Car Locking – Who to Call When You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

Picture this: You’re in a hurry, rushing to an important meeting or running errands, and in your haste, you accidentally close the car door only to realize your keys are sitting pretty on the driver’s seat. Panic sets in, and you feel trapped outside your own vehicle. But don’t fret; there are professionals who can swiftly come to your rescue.

1. Contact a Trustworthy Locksmith

When faced with an automatic car locking situation, the first question that comes to mind is, “Who should I call?” The answer lies with a reputable locksmith. Locksmiths are skilled professionals trained to handle various lockout scenarios, including retrieving keys from locked vehicles. They possess the necessary tools and expertise to gain access to your car without causing any damage.

2. Reach Out to Roadside Assistance Services

If you find yourself stranded due to an automatic car locking incident, another reliable option is to contact your roadside assistance service provider. Many car insurance companies offer this service as an add-on or as part of their coverage. By calling their dedicated helpline, you can request assistance from a professional who will promptly come to your location and help you regain access to your vehicle.

3. Consider Calling the Car Manufacturer

Depending on the situation, it may be worthwhile to contact the car manufacturer directly. Some vehicle models are equipped with advanced security systems that allow the manufacturer to remotely unlock the car for you. Check your car’s documentation or warranty information to find the manufacturer’s contact details. Keep in mind that this option might not be available for all car makes and models.

4. Explore Local Law Enforcement Assistance

In certain cases, local law enforcement agencies can provide assistance when you’re locked out of your car. While it may not be their primary duty, some police officers are equipped with tools to handle lockouts. However, it’s important to note that this should be considered as a last resort, as they might prioritize emergencies and more pressing matters.

5. Assess Your Insurance Coverage

Before an automatic car locking incident occurs, it’s wise to review your car insurance policy. Some insurance providers offer coverage for lockouts, and knowing this information in advance can save you from unnecessary stress and expense. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the specific terms and conditions of your policy to understand what services are included.

6. Seek Assistance from a Towing Service

If all else fails and you’re unable to gain access to your vehicle, reaching out to a towing service can be a viable solution. They possess the necessary equipment to safely transport your car to a nearby dealership or auto repair shop where the issue can be resolved. However, keep in mind that this option may incur additional costs.

FAQs about Automatic Car Locking – Who to Call When You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

Here are some frequently

asked questions regarding automatic car locking incidents, along with their answers:

Q1: How can I prevent locking my keys in the car? A1: Prevention is key! Develop a habit of double-checking your belongings before leaving your car. Consider investing in a spare key and keeping it in a safe place outside the vehicle, such as in a wallet or purse.

Q2: Is it expensive to call a locksmith for a car lockout? A2: The cost of hiring a locksmith may vary depending on your location and the time of day. It’s advisable to contact multiple locksmiths to compare prices. Remember, the cost of a locksmith service is usually less than potential damage caused by attempts to unlock the car yourself.

Q3: Can I use a coat hanger or other improvised tools to unlock my car? A3: While it may be tempting to resort to DIY methods, using improvised tools can often lead to damage to your vehicle’s lock or door. It’s best to rely on professionals who have the appropriate tools and expertise to handle the situation without causing harm.

Q4: Will my car insurance cover the cost of a lockout service? A4: It depends on your specific insurance policy. Review your coverage to determine if lockout services are included. If not, consider adding it as an optional extra.

Q5: What information should I provide when calling for assistance? A5: When contacting a locksmith or any other professional service for help, be prepared to provide them with your exact location, a description of your car, and any pertinent details about the lockout situation. This information will help them assist you more efficiently.

Q6: How long does it typically take for a locksmith to arrive? A6: The response time of a locksmith can vary depending on factors such as their workload, traffic conditions, and your location. However, reputable locksmiths strive to arrive as quickly as possible, especially in emergency situations.


Finding yourself in a situation where you’ve locked your keys inside your car can be incredibly frustrating. However, by knowing who to call and the available options for assistance, you can quickly resolve the issue and get back on track. Remember to keep preventive measures in mind, such as double-checking your belongings and considering spare keys. In the end, being prepared and informed will help you navigate through any automatic car locking mishap with ease.

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