Locksmiths for When You Need them Most

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Locksmiths can literally seem like lifesavers at some points. Being stuck outside might sound like it’s not a big deal,

Mortise Lock in Santa Monica

Mortise Lock in Santa Monica

but in reality it can actually be a far more serious event and in some ways traumatic even making a locksmith a very important number to have in your phone.

Getting locked out can happen at any time, and this means it can happen at the worst possible moment. Whether it’s because you’ve forgotten your key, locked your key inside, had it stolen, broken your key in the lock, or just found that your lock mechanism has deteriorated and can no longer easily be opened. In any of these cases you will need a locksmith but sometimes it will be more urgent than others.

Say you’re coming home from work, you have a hot date with someone you met out the other night and are serious about. You come back in a hurry when you find you get locked out. This is enough to obviously force you to have to cancel your date and that’s quite a big deal for many of us.

If you don’t have instant access to a locksmith you will be standing there unable to get in and if you don’t have your phone with you then you’ll be unable to even call your date in order to let them know that you’re not going to be there in time. This way you will actually stand your date up as they wait in the meeting location for you and unable to contact you only having the number of a good and efficient locksmith in your phone can help you to get to the appointment on time.

But a date can generally wait and if you explain what happened afterwards then they will generally forgive you and you might even get some sympathy out of it. However other matters can be more pressing for example if you have a holiday booked say and you can’t get inside your home in order to get your luggage. It will seem like a ridiculous reason not to be able to go on holiday and actually it is but that won’t stop it from making you miss your flight as you simply can’t go travelling without taking any bags with you, and particularly when those bags probably include your passport. Again a locksmith is your best chance of getting to the holiday on time.

If you’re in this sort of situation then you need to make sure that you call the locksmith as soon as you notice a problem and you can always call them off if necessary. If you spend a long time trying to open the lock yourself then you will be simply wasting time and the locksmith could have been here by now.

This is a big concern as it means you’d have wasted probably thousands of dollars (hope you have travel insurance!) and the two weeks that you’d probably been looking forward to for the past six months will be a write off. However at the end of the day you do survive missing a holiday without casualties, which is why some other scenarios can be even more serious. Take for example parents who have young children to look after you might pop out to the shops for two minutes to get milk and then find that you’re unable to get back into your own home leaving the young children trapped on their own fending for themselves.

Similarly if you were meant to be picking them up from school or a school trip and you get locked outside then you will actually be leaving them outdoors to fend for themselves which is very dangerous.

Then there’s the dangers posed to you by being locked outside and these can all exacerbate the above dire situations. Say for example it is raining heavily or there’s a full blown storm and you’re stuck outside in a t-shirt. The sooner you get a locksmith in this scenario then the less likely you will be to catch a serious cold. This can obviously then be even worse if it’s also at night and if you live in a bad area it can be downright dangerous. If you need the toilet too then that’s even more of an inconvenience and you’ll really be cursing yourself if you don’t already have the number of a locksmith. Meanwhile any other number of bodily urges such as hunger or tiredness will also be unsatisfied meaning that by the time you eventually get in you’ll be bursting for the toilet, starving and exhausted.

Finally bear in mind that locksmiths don’t only work with doors to houses either. A locksmith can be just as helpful when you find you’ve locked your lifesavings in a safe with no money, or when you’re stranded on the side of a motorway locked outside your car. This can be even more dangerous and inconvenient as it likely means you’re far from home and travelling somewhere often on a deadline. Being stranded on the motorway too is far from safe and even if you’re at a hotel you’re not going to know anyone nearby.

All of these things might sound unlikely, but the sad reality is that we normally get locked outside of our homes at literally the worst possible moment. This is partly due to a psychological effect of being stressed or being in a hurry which means that in our effort to do things to a set timescale we end up locked outside with the time ticking down. Don’t be caught out then, and for your own safety and piece of mind make sure that you always have the number of a locksmith in your phone.

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