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Santa Monica CA Locksmith

Santa Monica CA Locksmith

Hire the best Santa Monica locksmiths when you need a lock and key job done because your safety is of upmost importance. Just hiring a handyman or getting it done cheap can result in damage to property, poor quality locking system and unprofessional work, which can compromise your security. We are sure that what you need is an affordable, reliable and quick service that attends to your call within minutes, ensuring that if you are locked out of your car or home, you are back in quickly. And that is what we do at Santa Monica locksmith service and even more.

Unlocking a car or home may seem like a simple task. In fact, there have been many tutorials dedicated to unlocking cars and homes.

Unfortunately, it is easier than it appears. The good news is there are professional locksmiths, In Santa Monica, CA and the surrounding area, available.

The key to getting your lock fixed the appropriate way is hiring the best. All-Over-Lock and Key is a licensed and certified locksmith company who has built a reputation of being the best there is in the locksmith business.

When many people think about getting their home or car unlocked, some people assume that they can easily get it unlocked on your own you just ‘pop the lock’ and that’s it.

Even though there are plenty of ways to unlock your home or car, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a professional Santa Monica, CA locksmith.

When it comes to all your locksmith and security needs, you want to hire someone who is experienced in quality locksmith service. Someone you can depend on.  Santa Monica locksmiths have all top-of-the line equipment that’s needed to properly unlock your home or car without damaging your lock.

Dependable Santa Monica, CA Locksmith Services

If you’re waiting to get your home, office or vehicle unlocked, you have no time to play around. We realize that our valued clients have lives. We take this into full consideration from the moment you call us for locksmith service.

Affordable Locksmith Service in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica CA Locksmith

Santa Monica CA Locksmith


In today’s tough economy, everyone wants to save money. While some companies raise their rates, we strive to keep our rates as low as possible.

People choose our locksmith company because of our affordable rates and our quality service. When it comes to the service business, some companies lower the rates and provide sub-par service.

We do the exact opposite. In fact, we beef up the service side of our business so that you receive high-quality locksmith service at an affordable rate. That way, you receive more for your money.

Contact Us Today!

If you need a reliable locksmith company, give us a call today. We provide quality locksmith services 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

So, whether you’re off to a weekend getaway and you accidentally locked your keys in your car or locked yourself out of your home after arriving home from a hard day’s work,
you can count on us to get the job done on time and on budget. We are looking forward to helping you with all your lock needs! We service the following zip codes: 90401, 90402, 90403 and 90404.

24/7 Emergency Service. Call At: (888) 574-6444

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