Some common scams indulged in by (other) locksmiths

We have often heard of how some homes or offices were burgled, and when caught,

24 Hour Locksmith Emergency Locksmith

24 Hour Locksmith Emergency Locksmith

it turned out that the thief was the local locksmith.

Fortunately this is not a very prevalent problem but we do need to make sure that this does not happen to us.

Hence when you decide to use the services of a locksmith, watch out for some of the scams that are widespread.

Most locksmith advertisements do not give you any information about where the locksmith is located. They just provide a phone number and no more.

When you contact them, ask for their address. You must find someone who is located near your neighbourhood and does not have to travel long distances, specially when you have an emergency.

Another rampant scam is the addition of charges to the final bill.

They add costs that were not mentioned in their first estimate. Hence confirm that there will be no further costs when they give you an estimate.

Read the fine print on the warranty. If there is a warranty on your car lock, does it become null and void if you travel outside your state? What is the time period of the warranty?

Most locksmiths are good and reliable, but a few bad eggs can spoil the name of the rest of them.

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