Successful Deterrents Against Thieves

There is a common saying that a dog may not stop a thief from entering your home, but it will make him think twice

Successful Deterrents Against Thieves

Successful Deterrents Against Thieves

before he makes the attempt.

It is true that the barking of a dog is one of the best preventives against thieves. The noise of a barking dog will be enough to wake up the residents and caution them that there is an intruder in the house.

If you are unable to keep a dog, then put a sign up saying Beware of Dog and put a doghouse in the backyard, and maybe leave a dog chain lying around.

Electronic Alarms are always a good deterrent, and even though most burglars have figured how to disconnect them, it takes time and they are reluctant to choose a home with an alarm system.

Motion detectors are another great way to prevent burglars from coming. The detectors sense movement and react by either putting all the lights or by setting off a loud alarm. They are very effective, but occasionally they can be set off by a small animal crossing the yard.

There is only so much that you can do to secure your home, but once you do realise the importance of doing this, you will sleep well at night!

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