Things to do Before calling a Locksmith

At some stage of our lives we get locked out of our homes or out of our cars and we get stranded and totally panic

Things to do Before calling a Locksmith

Things to do Before calling a Locksmith


After all it is not easy to be left standing outside your home with your keys inside wondering how you can get back in!

Before you call the locksmith try a few tricks to see if you can open the doors without having to resort to the services of the locksmith.

At your home, walk around and check if there are any windows that you may have left open by mistake. If you do use them to enter the home, makes sure that you lock them the next time you go out!

If you are in an apartment building, call the caretaker.

They always have a master key for most of the apartments and maybe able to help you. Or try your neighbour’s key sometimes they also work. But after entering, change your lock.

Try calling your cleaning team, they normally have a duplicate key to your home and maybe able to come and open your doors for you.

Above all, to avoid a problem like this, leave a duplicate key with some trusted family member or friend. And just hope that you never have to ask them to bring it to help you out!

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