Types of door locks

Door locks are no longer the simple single door latches with knob attached to them.

Types of door locks

Types of door locks

As security has become tightened even in households, the door locks have become stronger and more burglar proof.

The choice of lock is based upon where your particular door is located and the level of security required.

The simplest door locks just have a knob on the outside which requires a key to be opened, and a button on the inside which can be pressed to lock the door from the inside.

These are generally used on doors inside a house.

Deadbolt locksets are generally installed on the main doors of any home.

They provide an immense amount of security, since once the deadbolt is in place, even a key cannot open it from the outside.

Even these locks there are varying degrees of safety, and simultaneously higher cost levels.

Mortise locks are opened only by entering key numbers. These are offshoots of locks on safes and banks. These are by far the safest form of locks, since they require knowledge of the combination for entry.

It is imperative that no matter which lock you install in your home, you use it correctly and take the added precaution of always checking that you have shut it correctly when you retire for the night, or go out.

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